M. Patmos - Fall 2014


New York City in the 1930s, specifically when it was in a period of industrialization and the country was in a postwar state. This, juxtaposed with the glamour of the Art Deco movement and its influence on architecture, fashion, and art, is what composes the Fall 2014 collection. In the midst of chunky knits, menswear patterns, and utilitarian pieces are intricately beaded silk tops and doublefaced tailored coats. 

To epitomize the collection is a super embellished sweater mixing thick yarn, beading, spikes and deep jewel tones, representing the duality of the time period. Our favorite details in the collection include fur and leather trims, fabric mixing, traveling rib stitch, and prominent pockets. These details blend luxury with function in the signature M.PATMOS style. This season differs from others as we expand with shirting, prints, tees, and luxe sweats.


Look 1


Look 2


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