M. Patmos - Resort 2015


M.PATMOS will be representing the USA in womenswear for the International Woolmark Prize. The inspiration for M.PATMOS for Woolmark collection began with images of the world from above. With this idea in mind, the evolution of inspiration led to thinking of a woman and her travels. Beyond looking chic and modern, the outfit considers the functionality desired in travel. For example, the woman wearing the outfit might lose her luggage and still have an outfit that is designed to help her adapt to these various situations and climates. The outfit is composed of adaptable layers starting with a pair of ribbed leggings with stirrups and a lightweight knit top made using zero waste technology. 

Building from there is a pair of trousers in a textured and breathable wool. The pants snap all the up on both sides, allowing you to easily remove layers, even if you are sitting on a plane. On top is a thick-knit tunic with a longer front and cropped back. Both sweater and blanket, the piece can be used in many different ways. Layered on top of this is a fully reversible double faced coat with leather trim. We then designed a special blanket, hand woven in Brooklyn with wool sourced from the Union Square Farmer’s Market in NYC. And finally, the crowd favorite, the sleeper hat. At first, it appears to be just a beanie, but once you are ready to sleep, fold down the rim and use the sleeping mask.


Look 1


Look 1 Back


Shawl detail made with The Textile Arts Center


Chunky Merino wool dicky handknit in Bolivia with Madres de Artisans

Merino wool knit and jacquard Sleeper Hat made in NYC with The Knitting Mill

Look 1 Reclining


Look 2


Look 3


Look 4


Look 5


Look 6